Our Roots

Acetech originated over informal get-togethers driven by a basic need – talking to other like-minded CEOs who understood the tech industry.

It wasn’t long before the early founders expanded their dinner conversations to engage a growing group of tech leaders. That’s when Acetech and the Annual Summit were born and, eventually, a member-based model that would better serve our community by providing ongoing engagement, learning and support to help tech companies achieve commercial success.

Our Values

Equal parts passion and elbow-grease, Acetech is unwavering in its commitment to help you and your businesses succeed.

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We are radical in our candor and stand firm behind the integrity needed for transparency.
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We are driven to strategically better understand ourselves, our teams and our work.
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We are peers helping peers. In order to lead we must step out of our comfort zone and we do that knowing we are supported.
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We recognize that growth and effective problem solving comes from diversity of viewpoints and experience.
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We shoulder responsibility, lean in and commit to delivery.

Acetech Today

Our passion is supporting tech CEOs and their teams to lead better, grow faster and get connected. Acetech has survived and thrived over the last 28 years because of the passion of a group of committed leaders. We care about the tech community and economy, and we know what it takes to succeed.

Today, Acetech continues to be the leading not-for-profit organization created by leaders for the advancement of growing tech companies. When you join Acetech you become a member of one of the most connected, supportive and high-performing communities of tech leaders.

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Meet The Executive Team

This is Acetech’s own leadership, running the show and fuelling our own organization’s growth so we can help tech leaders grow.

Peter Payne


Peter Payne


Chelsea Pedersen

Operations Manager

Chelsea Pedersen

Operations Manager
Acetech Leadership